Loose Diamonds

Shopping for wholesale loose diamonds?

The Diamond Broker in Dallas, Texas is your Destination for Loose Diamonds

Shop for loose diamonds, wholesale diamonds, and so much more at The Diamond Broker. As the premier diamond buyer in Dallas, Texas, we have the widest selection of diamonds graded to G.I.A. standards available. Plus, our selection of diamonds is priced far below retail because we are committed to bringing you the highest quality diamonds at the lowest prices possible. We even offer a warranty on all of our diamond purchases. Since you get dealer-direct diamonds, we cut out the middlemen, which gives you dealer-direct pricing. Our pricing lines up directly with online pricing, but you can trust us as we have served Dallas Fort Worth for over 30 years to thousands of customers. 

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We rely on consistent quality customer service and the finest diamonds

Other jewelry stores in Dallas, Texas may claim to have wide selections of diamonds at discount prices, but at The Diamond Broker, we rely on consistent quality customer service and the finest diamonds to enable us to offer wholesale diamonds in Dallas without making any kind of outlandish claims or coming up with cheesy gimmicks. The Diamond Broker offers a lifetime warranty on almost all of our jewelry and diamonds. As the premier diamond broker in Dallas, we have more than 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers across the entire country.

Are you ready to upgrade your stone to a larger size or different shape?

The Diamond Broker offers the best local pricing for loose stones. We have a large inventory and can get any size, shape, or style you are looking for. We will mount your new stone or help you design a custom piece for the new diamond.

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