Looking for amazing diamond jewelry at incredible marked down clearance sales pricing?

When you check out our clearance diamond jewelry, it’s kind of like treasure hunting. You’re looking for that perfect piece, right? Each diamond’s got its own story, maybe it’ll be a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself. We get that picking out a diamond can be a big deal, and you might wonder about getting good value. Here at the Diamond Broker, we’re all about honesty and great service. We’ll walk you through what makes each diamond special and valuable.

finished engagement ring 8253062

$3100 $1550

1.5CT Round Solitare Peiced Diamond Engagement Ring

ring r4472
$7350 $3675

.77CT Pear 1.0CT Aqua Marine Ring

earrings e2498
$2390 $1195

.35CT 14K Oval White Gold Earings

earrings e7866 wg
$3700 $1850

.49CT 14K White Gold Formal Earrings

earrings e7896
$7990 $3995

1.54CT Formal Teardrop Earrings

earrings e2505
$15500 $7750

.49CT 14K White Gold Formal Earrings

bracelet br758
$4190 $2095

2CT Diamond Bracelet

Ready to buy a clearance item?

Reach out to our team to request one of our clearance items. We will set up a time to for you to pickup the item or we can schedule a local delivery. Payment and scheduling is very easy. 

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