Custom Items

We can create any custom diamond ring or jewelry.

CAD Imaging

Whether you bring in a picture of a piece you’d like to recreate or come to us with just ideas, we can design the perfect ring or piece of jewelry for you. We start by sketching out your ideas to make sure we understand what you want. Then our expert jewelry designers will prepare a CAD image for you to approve. CAD drawings provide multiple views of the jewelry piece so that you have a clear picture of what the finished product will look like. All design changes are made in this part of the process so this step may include multiple revisions to the design. Once the final CAD image is approved, our Master Jeweler will bring the intricate work of creating your custom piece of jewelry.

The Diamond Broker - Custom Items - CAD Image
The Diamond Broker - Custom Items - Wax model image

Wax Model

The second step in crafting your custom jewelry is creating a wax model. The wax model will be used to cast the final piece of jewelry, so it’s crucial that the model be perfect in design and scale. Fine wax models take considerable time and expertise.

Do you have a custom item you are looking to get made?

Setting up a meeting with us will allow you to go over all the options you have. You can share with us the details of the item you are wanting, and we can go over the timeline, pricing, and other specifics.

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