How we serve our customers

The Diamond Broker in Dallas is one of the first diamond stores in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to sell diamonds to the public at broker-direct wholesale prices. To continue to provide the best experience for our customers, we work by appointment only. This means you get a 1-on-1 visit with The Diamond Broker either in person or through a Zoom meeting. We have different appointment types, but you can be sure that you will get 100% focused time to allow us to find exactly what you are looking for. You can trust that all of our diamond rings are of the finest quality and have a lifetime warranty. We always take excellent care of our customers and provide dealer-direct pricing.

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Engagement Rings

To find a diamond engagement ring in Dallas that is as unique as your beloved, you need a wide selection. The Diamond Broker offers an exceptional selection of settings, metals, and conflict-free diamonds. Our team will help you effortlessly find or create the perfect engagement ring using this extensive inventory. You can look through our inventory, or we can even create any custom engagement ring you would like.

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Custom Items

Whether you bring in a picture of a piece you’d like to recreate or come to us with just ideas, we can design the perfect ring or piece of jewelry for you. We start by sketching out your ideas to make sure we understand what you want. Our team has been making custom pieces for generations. We would be honored to serve you. If you have a design you like or something close, bring it to your appointment, and we can create your custom item.

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Wedding Bands

We have a large selection of wedding bands for men and women and we can even create a custom ring. We have different types of metals available as well as many diamond options to add to your ring.

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Diamond Jewelry

While most of our customers initially come to us for Engagement Rings, they come back to us for anniversaries, birthdays, and special gifts to get their loved ones unique and incredibly priced diamond jewelry. We have a selection of bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and more plus we can custom make any piece you are interested in.

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Loose Diamonds

Other jewelry stores in Dallas, Texas, may claim to have wide selections of diamonds at discount prices, but at The Diamond Broker, we rely on consistent quality customer service and the finest diamonds to enable us to offer wholesale diamonds. We offer a lifetime warranty on almost all of our jewelry and diamonds. As the premier diamond broker in Dallas, we have more than 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers across the entire country.

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Buy Diamonds

No matter why you are selling your diamond, there is a slight moment of stress when parting with the precious stone. Many individuals have a sentimental attachment to these stones, as they are often gifts from loved ones or heirlooms passed down from the generation before them. When it comes to selling a diamond, many people stress about the value of their stones. We understand that each diamond carries with it a story of a lifetime. which is why we are transparent about what criteria we use when valuing a stone.

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For over 30 years we have been serving thousands of DFW customers and customers across the country. Not only do we help with finding the right diamond ring or jewelry we take care of all of our customer’s jewelry needs. Whether you need a minor repair or we need to move your stones into another ring, we can help you. Reach out to us and we would be happy to serve you.

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When you purchase a new jewelry item, an appraisal will assure coverage for replacement in case of loss or theft. Due to continuing inflation, it’s smart to have jewelry appraised every two or three years. A reliable appraisal is an opinion based on knowledge gained through education and special training, backed by technical equipment, and reinforced by experience. We are proud to offer appraisals to customers. We make it our mission not only to offer excellent prices on wholesale jewelry but also to provide excellent service to jewelry buyers, owners, and sellers in the Dallas area.

How It Works

The easy three-step process for buying your diamond jewelry with us.

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Schedule an appointment

With a few clicks, you can book a time to meet with the owner of Good Diamond Co. The online booking calendar is convenient for you to choose the best time for you along with easy text and email reminders.

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Meet with us

Meet in person or online and have a conversation about your specific needs whether it is custom or readymade. We will listen and guide you to the perfect choice for your budget.

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Enjoy your purchase

Browse through the selection of what’s available in our inventory and online with an optional expert’s assistance. You’ll receive your purchase in a safe and transparent transaction with trusted warranties.

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